Shapiro, Moyshe, and Falkovich, Eli, For Those Who Study Yiddish: Lessons from Sovetish Heymland, 1969–1978, St. Petersburg, 2006, 234 pp. (Russian)

The Yiddish lessons collected in this edition were prepared by the outstanding Soviet Jewish linguists Moyshe Shapiro (1899–1973) and Eli Falkovich (1898–1979), and were originally published in Sovetish Heymland, the Moscow-based monthly Yiddish magazine. This edition is intended for adult students, and is designed to prepare them to read Yiddish fiction and press.

Rokhkind, Sora, and Shklyar, Hirsh,Yiddish-Russian Dictionary, Minsk, 1941, 520 pp. [Reprinted edition: St. Petersburg, 2005].

Still the most comprehensive Yiddish-Russian dictionary, it was prepared at the Belorussian Academy of Sciences on the eve of war between the USSR and Nazi Germany. The dictionary includes approximately 30,000 entries.