Sutskever, Avrom, Blossoming of Letters: Selected poems, Translated from Yiddish by Igor Bulatovsky, St. Petersburg, 2010, 88 pp., ill. (Russian)

Outstanding Yiddish poet Avrom Sutskever (1913–2010) was born in a small shtetl named Smorgon not far from Vilna. During the Second World War he was a prisoner of the Vilna ghetto, where he lost his mother and son. After the war he testified at the Nuremberg Trials. Later he illegally settled in Palestine (now Israel), and served as a war correspondent in the Israeli Army. Avrom Sutskever was the founder and irreplaceable editor-in-chief of Di goldene keyt (“The Golden Chain”), an Israeli Yiddish literary journal. His poetry and prose which were written in Yiddish have been translated into many languages. This book is the very first collection of Sutskever’s poems in Russian translation.

Danovsky, Lev, Relief, Introduction by Vladimir Gandelsman, St. Petersburg, 2004, 108 pp., ill. (Russian)

A collection of poetry by St. Petersburg writer Lev Danovsky (1947–2004).